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Potential Buyer? Discover B2B now!

Triconville B2B is here. Let’s Talk Business!

Triconville B2B is here. Let’s Talk Business!

Triconville B2B is our online platform for potential buyers/dealers to browse our products, place orders with trade pricing, and get access to real-time inventory.

The intuitive platform builds upon Triconville’s commitment to being exclusively online, allowing one to place orders online in minutes. Create your space with Triconville products at b2b.triconville.com

    Monitor real-time inventory status of your favorite collections
    Dedicated service to dealers, Order History, exclusive trade pricing, and terms
    Quickship items ready for delivery in 1-2 weeks, choose the material/fabric from our range of in-stocked materials

Providing you with the tools, insight, and inspiration to grow and succeed. We take pride in the relationships we’ve developed over the years within the global industry. Trusted by the top design and construction firms worldwide, we have tackled multiple projects in different countries with high levels of satisfaction. We know exactly what we're made to do and empowered to do it.

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