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Gera Tables

Gera Tables

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Gera display earnest curiosity in the dynamic sense. Built from teak wood with natural color with fine sanded finish, this dining table has distinct edges, making it a unique addition to your outdoor dining area. Teak wood offers a unique combination of aesthetic appeal and classic beauty that other materials can't reflect. To save these tables for minor cracks over a period, Teak Shield is applied; a transparent coating layer that makes the tabletop water repellent. The sturdy base features powder coated aluminum with several color options.

Apart from 8 color option for the aluminum legs, you can opt for teak legs. Gera gives you the freedom to customize the colors, finishes to match your prefrence, with extensive choice of materials and sizes.

Details of the GERA tables currently available on our B2B platform and are ready to order. These tables are in stock and are ready for Quickship, click on the link and follow the steps that follow. You can place the order online or drop us an email to our customer service team to assist in completing your purchase.

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