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We are pleased to offer interior designers, architects, developers and other professionals a mutual partnership on designing, manufacturing, developing, and supplying furniture. As a Designer representative,  you will have access to 2D and 3D models (revit, autocad, dwg, 3ds, max), successfull project references and other information regarding products, fabrics and finishes to best support your project. You can download them in  .DWG, .CAD .MAX extensions so they can be easily imported in your architectural design software. From 3D drawings and mock up approvals we assist you in every step until the project completion.


You can easily import our funiture to your planning projects or designs using our files in popular .3ds and .dwg format.


Access to product collections, with over 10,000 products made by triconville over the years.


Assistance from Triconville designers in developing new desings, floor maps, 3d drawings according to your project specifications.

When your next big project warrants top-quality, flexibility, timely delivery, custom-designed high quality furniture, consider TRICONVILLE. You’ll find we provide the finest combination of quality, service and on-time delivery.  For assistance you can contact us at  info(@)triconville.com

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