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Our Infrastructure

Our Infrastructure

A tour to our manufacturing plants which hold extensive machinery & methods to built quality furniture

Triconville manufacturing company, has corporate office in Semarang and manufacturing plants in Jepara, Demak, Indonesia and occupies 50,000 m2 or 500,000 ft2 of working space. We have an experienced 950 employees and growing. Our craftsmen are well skilled to the detail and have worked with us over a decade now. We built all our frames, slings and cushions in -house, were each piece is assembled carefully by skilled team to bring you a work that will stand the standards of quality furniture. We have the capacity to export 540 – 600 containers annually to all over the world. The manufacturing is implemented with well-equipped latest machinery, few of them are listed below:



To achieve automation and efficiency in manufacturing, we have CNC machinery for metalworking, to prepare designs, configure machine and process to achieve the precision and efficiency.

In addition to CNC machinery, we have fully automated powder coating process in place, starting with pretreatment washer, dry-off oven, powder booth and the final cure oven. The process seems simple, but the goal is to achieve the high surface quality and corrosion performance.


Our infrastructure supports Kilns to absorb the moisture and dry the wood before it is used in manufacturing. In addition, we have fully automated dust collector , collecting and exhausting dust at its source. This not only protects operations run smoothly but also protects works health and minimizing potential long term liability.


The skillful hands of Triconville craftsmen create quality products using high quality raw materials


We have trained quality control team to perform quality assurance to ensure that products are delivered with the high-quality standards set by Triconville. We are committed to give you the best version of the product. Each products material, construction, moisture content and finish is checked with detail and attention. The product is checked during the manufacturing process to check the material quality, apply proper manufacturing techniques and methods. Also, manufacturing testing ensures product stress and color conformance, and finally ensure that the finishing process truly brings out the beauty of the furniture.


Triconville has proven methods of Packaging that are efficient and sustainable to eliminate product damage in transit. All packaging methods meet or exceed the specifications of national freight carrier and ocean freight carrier standards. We use high grade of wrapping materials to keep the product safe. We offer cost effective composite packs that provides the required amount of strength, stability and insulation to protect fragile and vulnerable goods. The packaging is designed to give extreme levels of protection in transit.


Our infrastructure includes a stocked warehouse over a capacity of 5000 m2 or 50,000 ft2 with collections of Triconville Outdoor product line that are always packed and ready to be exported. Our warehouse management system uses barcoding and are linked to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to make it more efficient, accurate and connected.

A wide range of Triconville Outdoor Product Line are always stoked in the warehouses and are ready to be shipped, to give you the fastest delivery of goods with best brand experience. These pieces are constructed from materials and treatments that are weather resistant and require minimal maintenance.

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